Today the art looks in the mirror and find herself changed in appearance, expression, in the distance of what is around. Her mutation is so radical that she finds hard to recognize herself, because it reverses a widely accepted vision.

That vision that binds contemporary art to a privileged elite. So in a fickle society, where every fashion is ephemeral, any tendency a meteor, Arting159, which bears the signature of the forward-looking Roberto Papini, stands as a silent revolution that undermines the old plants to sow new ones.

Arting159 is a new project, whose strength and value consist in seeking to bring the artistic dimension  increasingly present and accessible.
This is a project that tries to make as much as possible the bold passion for art and the consolidated management skills.
Here, art makes the rules and, therefore, artists will be the only players: young and old alike who are still finding their way or have already established themselves on the scene of contemporary art.

Roberto Papini, that looks at contemporary art like a large graffiti reminding primitive drawings, a real but not declared pop art where Andy Warhol becomes the least pop of all, conscious that contemporary art is like a great and exciting adventure where everything goes beyond the surface, beyond what we are looking at; is always looking for something new, betting on young talents and creating in every event that interaction between artist and collector, placing them in a relational flow that tends to break down those boundaries that make art too dark to many people.

Arting159 gives the artists the real opportunity to have an international showcase through participation in trade fairs, significant on the international scene as New York, London, Miami, Paris and Hong Kong; so that the art works will have the opportunity to move from place to place, alternating exhibitions and events in the most beautiful and influential cities from a commercial point of view.

The proposal of Arting159 stands as a breath of fresh air in the world of art; offering a personalized service to every artist in full clarity and transparency. The goal is to grow the artist from a point of view that isn’t only artistic so that he/she can find his/her own identity in the art world on an international scale.
The exhibitions of Arting 159 are planned and managed by a team of professionals according to specific needs that are identified from time to time to make the most of every artist selected.

For each event, Arting159 is committed to the total organization of the event, providing the following services:

  • General Organization
  • Presence of an art critic professor at the event
  • Presence of collectors and celebrities from the TV world
  • Presence of art experts (critics, curators and experts)
  • Drafting of the critical text that will be drawn up by our professionals and the exhibits
  • Graphic brochures / invitations that will be distributed in the event area
  • Advertising exposure on the internet (web, social)
  • Editorial artist from one of our critical
  • (Printed on plexiglass panels positioned at the entrance of the exhibition space)
  • Press
  • Design and print roll-up dedicated to the artist
  • Request Sponsorship
  • Packaging, transporting, setting up and dismantling
  • organization of the opening exhibition (vernissage)
  • Focused invitations for collectors and potential buyers
  • Professional cameraman for filming the event
  • Professional Photographer