Roberto Papini di Matteo Zanardi

Roberto Papini | President

Roberto Papini is an entrepreneur, connoisseur and art collector who has been involved for years in art at national and international level. President and CEO of Arting159, he created this project with several objectives, including the promotion of artistic talents and the creation of a foundation with the contribution of individual collectors who wish to share important works of art and to take part in creating culture around the art world.

Arting 159

Arting159 is a container of talents with the aim to give visibility and to nurture excellence and quality.
“Those who decided to become a part of this wonderful world, that is Arting159, should be transported from their senses and abandon ‘reason’. We offer customized consulting services and the marketing plan; then we execute an analysis (product / artist) to look for opportunities. We set the objectives, targets, we position ourselves then we study and look for the “TALENT” through trade fairs, exhibitions, private and public places and, through your ideas, we think about how to distinguish ourselves from the crowd. ‘To become good we must communicate effectively’ argued O. Wilde, who also said “do it right the first time because you will not have a second chance.” We start from this base: clarity, credibility and distinction.

Only the human factor will save us form this crisis because all of us, together, we are the best product to which we must give proper visibility (To each his own). Our outward intensity is given by the fact that we are relaxed and calm inside, for us, a well-defined problem is half solved. Our BRAND is our passion for the realization of that dream that is the willingness to take you, talented and brilliant artists,  outside the boundaries of the State, which is the purpose for which we want to enlist in Arting159 the best brains”.
The President | Roberto Papini